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Who creates these maps and how they're made?

Hi, my name is Antal Kéninger, a graphic artist from Central Europe. I’m the guy behind Black Scrolls and I’ve been in the tabletop game business for seven years, working with other publishers and playing with friends on the weekend (when we all have time for it).

One of my customers wrote me to say:
“The quality of the artwork and colors blew my players away.”

Believe me, I was really glad to hear that! To help you understand how I made it happen, let me walk you through my process for creating these maps (you can follow these steps in pictures on my Black Scrolls Games Facebook page):

1. The first thing I do is draw sketches for the map and figure out what 3D models I need to make it real.

2, I sculpt them in Pixologic Zbrush. Every model that you can see in the maps is modeled and textured by me. I don’t use models form other artists or free ones from the internet. Zbrush is a professional modeler program used by many studios like Industrial Light and Magic (Pirates of the Caribbean, Jurassic World), Weta Digital (The Hobbit) and many game studios. It allows me to make my models really detailed and realistic.

3. Next, I save what I sculpted and start building up the map in LightWave 3D, the software used for Titanic, X-Men, Iron Man and Skyfall (of course, the quality depends on the team and the artists, not the software.) I started learning this program about 15 years ago. I really liked it because it provided me freedom and creativity (and only this program would run on my Pentium 1 - 133mhz PC I used when I was young…)

4. I set up the lights to get the best results (not too dark, not too realistic for the fantasy setting and achieve the style I like working with). I set up the materials, make some test renders and add a lot of additional detail to the final version in Photoshop.

As you can see, I don’t really like the full top-down view. In most of my maps you can see the side of the walls, too. It makes the area look more alive, lets me add more details and make a “3D game” feeling for the players around the table.

5. I write the background stories with the help of writers, proofreaders and of course, my friends. You can also help us if you feel the urge. Join us on the next link: - This way you will be among the firsts who get the BSG maps in exchange for your help.

6. Finally, I assemble the PDF file, set up the files for print and release them for you.

This is the process for how the maps are created.
I hope you will also enjoy them, at least as much as I enjoyed working on them!

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