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It's a printable tabletop Role-playing game map
with adventure hooks for Game Masters.

Once there was a library, protected by a small group of wizards. They called themselves The Keepers of the Realms and they hid their secret from the eyes of the word. Emperors, kings and adventurers were not be able to get close to them; The Keepers knew their secret would be devastating in wrong hands.
But, one day an initiation ritual went wrong and their monastery met its end. The Keepers vanished from the Earth. Only the ruins remember them.
The Library is still hiding those black leather scrolls they protected for thousands of years.
What was contained in them?
Why were they so important for The Keepers?
It’s up to your team to figure it out!

This product includes maps with area descriptions,
adventure hooks and ideas Game Masters
can use and bend to their own story.